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Why Renewable

Alternative Energy Resources

Product Reviews

 Solar yard light
Kill-a-Watt Electric Monitor


Staring out

Selecting a site
How tall a tower do you need?

Wind turbine designs

Upwind Vs. downwind
2 blade vs. 3 blades
Blade material
High or low RPM
overspeed protection
Swept Area & Rated Power
Turbine weight

Wind Turbine Manufacturers

Abundant Renewable Energy (ARE)
African Wind Power
Aeromag Energy
Bergey Windpower
Eoltec Wind Turbines
Evance Wind Turbines LTD
Kestrel Wind Turbines
Otherpower turbine kits
Proven Energy
Southwest Windpower
Ventera Energy
Wind Turbine Industries Corp. (WTIC)


Types of solar panels

Deep Cycle Batteries

Flooded or wet cell
Gel cell
Absorbed glass mat (AGM)
Golf cart batteries
L16 batteries
Industrial / Forklift Batteries


Are Renewable Energy Sources Really an Available Alternative for You?
U.S. electric grid penetrated by foreign spies
Alaska villages trading oil for wind power
Small Wind Turbine Manufacturer Creates Competition in North America


The Ultimate Consumers Guide to Wind Power : 20010 U.S. Wind Turbine Reviews


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