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Things are always happening in the field of renewable energy and  is ever changing.  And so is our website! All new articles, content pages or news will be posted here.  

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U.S Electric Grid Penetrated by Foreign Spies

Reports of the U.S electric grid being compromised have certainly startled the many.  Cyber attacks are nothing new, but could this one be different from the rest?

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Alaska Villages are Trading Oil for Wind Power

Wind power is quickly becoming a reality in many remote Alaska villages - due to the high and often unaffordable diesel oil.  

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Small Wind Turbine Manufacturer Creates Competition in North America

Business is stacking up for the Canadian company True North Power NG since releasing their new "Wind Arrow" turbine.  

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Are Renewable Sources of Energy Really  an Alternative Option Available for You?  

So what is the “alternative” in alternative energy?  Do we have a choice of what our electricity is generated from? 

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