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The Power Report, --, Website Overhaul, New Forum in The Making
December 03, 2010

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Dec 2010, Issue Number #008: Website overhaul, New Forum in The Making 

Table of Contents

1.  Website Overhaul - New Features and Navigation.

2.  The 2011 "Complete Consumers' Guide To Wind Power" ebook will be released soon!

3.  How Would You Like a Forum at

1. Website Overhaul - New Features and Navigation has received a complete site overhaul.  It now has a new look and navigation system.  A new feature we have added is the ability to add comments.  This feature is only available on pages discussing specific products such as wind turbines, batteries, etc,.  If you have first hand experience using a product, a story or just have an opinion, we would love to hear about it.  You can even add up to four pictures to your comment.  You can visit our Golf Cart Batteries page for an example of how it works.

2.  The 2011 "Complete Consumers' Guide To Wind Power" ebook will be released soon!

We are almost finished updating the "Complete Consumers Guide to Wind Power" eBook for 2011 and will be for sale very soon.  All wind turbines have updated specs (if applicable) and revised reviews to reflect recent changes made by the manufacturers and their turbines.  We have also included three new turbine MFGs this year:

  • Fortis Wind Energy (Alize, Montana and Passaat)
  • Raum Energy (1.5 and 3.5)
  • Sonkyo (Windspot)

We will send out another newsletter when the ebook is completely finished.

3.  A Forum Is On The Way!

As power-talk continues to grow we have been asking ourselves one question.  How can we keep offering users (that's you) the newest and highest quality information possible.  Our first thought?  A forum!  Or a community as we see it.  A community of renewable energy users that can help each other.  Whether it's solve an existing problem, buying a new wind turbine, how to make a homemade solar panel rack or simply what type of batteries they prefer.  

We will inform all of you when we get the forum up and running.

  • Do you have a question about renewable energy or off-grid living? Comments or feedback? We would love to hear from you. You can use our contact form to easily send us an email. 

  • Until next time, 
  • Jordan Wilder -
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