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The Power Report, --, New Turbine, Fresh Content, Updated eBook
January 10, 2010

The January Power Report – Issue #004 Jan 09, 2010 Hello <>! Welcome to February's Power Report, the FREE newsletter that keeps you up to date on the latest happenings at Enjoy reading the Power Report? Please do a friend and me a favor and spread the news. We would be happy for you to share this newsletter with friends, relatives and colleagues. If a friend did forward this newsletter to you and you like what you see, please subscribe by visiting the link below. Click here to subscribe

Jan 2010, Issue Number #004: The Power Report – New Turbine, Fresh Content and Updated eBook!

Table of Contents

1. New Wind Turbine... Sort of
2. Kill a Watt Electric monitor Review

3. Updated 2010 Edition eBook

1.Our New Wind Turbine... Sort of.

Well, it's been a quite a while since our last newsletter.  Let's just say we had a very long, work intensive summer.  In our last newsletter I explained the demise our turbine, then left all of you in suspense about what new turbine we would choose.  We did get a new one but not a different brand.  To make a long story short, (the long version is in the ebook) SWWP decided to replace our turbine with a new brand one. Even though it was still under warranty, a direct replacement was a surprise to say the least.  We got the new whisper 200 up and running just before the snow fell.  I guess the adventure of installing a different turbine will have to wait - then again, that's a good thing right?       

wind turbine installation

2. Kill a Watt Electric Monitor Review.

I just got done writing a product review for the P3 Kill a Watt electric monitor.  If you have never heard of a Kill a Watt you might find it to be a very useful tool.  Basically, It gives you the ability to monitor the voltage instantaneous watts, Frequency (hertz) and cumulative kilowatt hours of any household electrical device or appliances.  They are also fantastic for side-by-side comparisons.   Click here to read the full review    kill a watt electric monitor

3. New Revised & Updated 2010 Edition of "The Ultimate Consumer's Guide To Wind Power" 

wind power ebook

The new revised and updated, 2010 edition of  "The Ultimate Consumer's Guide To Wind Power" is now finished!   So, you might ask, what are the updates?  Thought you would never ask!  Here is what we did:

  • Re-evaluated and added important new information to each existing wind turbine - also updated the specs

  • Included a new wind turbine - The "Wind Arrow" by True North Power NG

  • Added some info about a tool that helps you get your guy wires to the proper tension

  • Re-formatted each page to the same size - This will make it easier for you to read and print in the PDF format - HTML format should look about the same
(NOTE) On the sales page we list every wind turbine manufacturer that we review (and their turbines of course).  We are also working on selling the "wind turbines reviews" section separate at a lower price.  That way if you already own the full Consumer's Guide to Wind Power you won't need to purchase it again just for the reviews.  I will keep you all updated on when we will have the Wind Turbine Reviews ebook for sale.  

  • Do you have a question about renewable energy or off-grid living? Comments or feedback? We would love to hear from you. You can use our contact form to easily send us an email.

  • Until next time, 
  • The Power-Talk Crew
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