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The Power Report, Issue #001 --, See what happened to our turbine!
January 31, 2009

The February Power Report – Issue #002 Jan 31, 2009

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Feb 2009, Issue Number #002: The Power Report – See what Happened To Our Turbine!

Table of Contents

1. Well, it happened, our turbine met it's demise!

2. Unveiling of our first ebook!

3. Power Tip

1.Well, it happened, our turbine met it's demise!

On January 6th our wind turbine bit the dust, literally! We knew it was going to happen sooner or later. Every time the wind would come roaring throught the valley we would look at each other and ask, trying not to laugh, "do you think it will make it?".

It was a dark, cold (-20 F) and breezy ( up to 40 mph) morning. We we're all eating breakfast in the kitchen when suddenly the green "charge" light on the remote display went out and did not come back on. We promptly went to the garage to make sure the charge controller wasn't on fire. Nothing out of the ordinary. A quick trip out to the tower reaveled the gruesome remains of our little whisper 200. We were only able to find one blade, who knows where the others went. The culprit? The cast aluminum body had cracked around the furling pin, probably from the fact that the wind had been slamming the turbine around like a rag doll continuously for about a week!

So our "starter turbine" now rests in peace (actually it's in pieces sitting on the front porch). Most of the damage was afflicted to the metal body behind the generator and believe it or not, the shaft still spins nice and smooth. We will probably try to rebuild the body and get it flying again... for supplimental power only! We are 95% sure what turbine we will purchase next but will wait for more favorable working conditions before ordering it.

2. The Unveiling of our first ebook!

Ok, you all have been patiently waiting for the debut of our ebook. The title is (drum-roll, please!) ... "The Ultimate Consumers Guide to Wind Power: 2009 U.S Turbine Reviews."! This ebook contains everything you need to know to have a succesful wind power system! Countless hours of research have gone into making this ebook so you can make the best decisions based on what works!

Here are some topics we discuss:

  • The basics of wind power. This first step is one of the most important parts of a successful wind system. You will learn how to efficiently and successful harvest the wind.

  • Wind Turbine Designs. In this chapter we get into the nuts and bolts of what turbines are made of and how they operate. (This too is a very important!)

  • Wind Turbine Reviews. Here we get in depth and review specific, residential size turbines currently being sold in the U.S.. All our opinions are fair and unbiased since is not affiliated with and would not benefit from promoting any companies or products.

  • Tower Styles. The pros and cons of different tower types help you choose a suitable tower for your location.

  • And More! + lots of great tips that will save you time, money and frustration! We have already done the hard work for you!

    It will be on sale for $19.95 until February 10th then it will revert back to the original price of $27.95.

    Click Here to buy The Ultimate Consumers Guide To Wind Power: 2009 U.S Turbine Reviews

    3. Power Tip

    Do you have a propane oven? Did you know that most residential size propane ovens actually use a ton of electricity while operating? Believe it or not they do! Here's the scoop. Propane ovens have a "glow bar" which is basically a ceramic heating element. When you turn the oven on the glow bar will begin to heat up (they use about 400 watts while running!). When the glow bar is hot enough the propane is then ignited as it passes over the element. If you live off the grid this extra power usage really hurts!

    So how do you know if your oven uses a glow bar? Simple. If your oven fires up without making much noise, it has a glow bar. The kind of oven you want uses an electronic ignition (works exactly like stove top burners). These ovens will make a clicking sound while lighting. When shopping for a new one, the thing to look for is an oven knob (just like the top burner knobs). There is a problem, however. While most commercial ranges use this electronic ignition very few residential size ranges can be found. The brand oven we own and like very much is "Premier"

    Do you have a question about renewable energy or off-grid living? Comments or feedback? We would love to hear from you. You can use our contact form to easily send us your inquiry.

    Until next time,

    The Power-Talk Crew

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